generative animation

der Augenblick

I conceived the "Der Augenblick" project during the summer of 2023, a period marked by heightened anxiety surrounding the prospect of a potential nuclear catastrophe. What began as an experiment in generative animation evolved into a therapeutic session involving artificial intelligence. The resulting animation is an outcome of collaborative work with several AI entities, followed by meticulous editing and post-production.

Throughout this process, my thoughts consistently gravitate towards the realization that the anthropocentric model of our society, with its frivolity and parasitic style of existence, will inevitably lead to dreadful consequences. I am convinced that the formidable force of nature will ultimately digest and transform even such a harrowing experience. However, for humanity, the transformation will likely come too late. The project explores the delicate intersection of technological experimentation, ecological consciousness, and a profound contemplation of the impending ecological crisis, serving as a poignant reflection on the consequences of our collective actions.

"Der Augenblick" delves into the symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and human creativity, raising questions about the role of technology in our collective destiny. The generative animation becomes a conduit for exploring our connection with the environment, both as architects of our own demise and potential catalysts for change. The project encapsulates the urgency of addressing ecological concerns and underscores the potential therapeutic power of merging artistic expression with cutting-edge technology in confronting the challenges of our time.
generative animation : lesia kvitka
music : sashe urdovski

©Lesia Kvitka
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