poetry & generative animation

Temporary Life

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"Temporary Life" unfolds as a poetic animation project, immersing us in the profound emotions and reflections of Ukrainian refugees.

This creation is a collaboration between the writer Oksana Maslova and the artist Lesia Kvitka. Innovative multimedia techniques forge a dynamic synergy with poetry language.

The poem intimately captures the experiences of Ukrainian women navigating displacement and separation with their families. Lesia's generative animation serves as a living canvas, expressing the atmospheric portrayal of the transient nature of life.

Through the synergy of poetry and visual art, the collaboration between Oksana Maslova and Lesia Kvitka invites the audience to contemplate the essence of their own existence. By presenting this poetic piece, the creators aspire to construct bridges between cultures, fostering a collective reflection on the transient and transformative nature of the human experience

poetry: oksana maslova
generative animation : lesia kvitka

©Lesia Kvitka
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